EDUC 603: Evaluation Instruments

Level One Evaluation: Reaction

After each module has concluded, and before leaving the training site, participants should complete the “SurveyMonkey” survey to measure their reactions to the training. A link to the survey is below:

Level Two Evaluation: Learning

Upon the completion of each module, participants will need to show their understanding of the training material in different ways.

  • Module 1: Since the first module focuses on how to create and use a Facebook and Twitter page, participants can show their understanding by creating and editing a post on the High School Alumni Wall of Honor Facebook and Twitter page.
  • Module 2: One of the assignments that the liaison needed complete, as noted in my Root Cause Analysis, was a certificate of completion. In order for participants to show their understanding of using Microsoft Word, participants should create their own certificate of completion of the training module. The certificate should include text boxes, a graphic of some sort, appropriately sized margins, at least two types of font, and must be creative.
  • Module 3: Creating a full brochure or flier takes a lot of time, so to show understanding of how to utilize Microsoft Publisher, participants should create a template for a brochure or flier for the High School Alumni Wall of Honor. The template should include appropriate margins, appropriate text size and type, multiple text boxes that are linked, and should include an image at the bare minimum. It is assumed that these templates can be modified and used around the community in the future.
  • Module 4: Google forms can allow the Committee members to accumulate important information about alumni. By putting a form out onto a Facebook page, it is possible that they can get more information about alumni, and the nomination form can also be converted to a Google form to make things easier. To show understanding, participants should create a basic Google Form that asks for information such as name, birth date, graduation date, etc.
  • Module 5: Since participants are not proficient in creating and running their own external website, a website such and Word Press can help them update information easily with a professional looking webpage that can be linked on the High School website. To show understanding, each participant should create and edit a post on the High School Alumni Wall of Honor Word Press site.

Level Three Evaluation: Behavior

Within six months of the completed training, the Alumni Wall of Honor Committee can demonstrate mastery by Monitoring page likes on Facebook, and followers on Twitter. Since they started with only 48 page likes on Facebook, it is reasonable that they should have increased by at least 50 page likes within 6 months. Members will also demonstrate mastery by continuing to create and hand out brochures and fliers to gain awareness of the Wall of Honor. Finally, continued Word Press posts with updated information will also demonstrate mastery.

Level Four Evaluation: Results

The front end analysis yielded the following current and desired state:

Current State:

.005% of the High School Graduates are being nominated for the High School Alumni Wall of Honor.

Future State:

2% of the High School Graduates are being nominated for the High School Alumni Wall of Honor.


A 1.995% increase of the High School Graduates are being nominated for the High Alumni School Wall of Honor.

To ensure that the training yielded results, for the level four evaluation, the number of nominations to the High School Alumni Wall of Honor will be tracked for the year following the conclusion of the training. At the meeting closest to the conclusion of the year, Committee members should review the data, and at that time members should see an increase of nominations.

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  1. Alysha

    First, I must say that I love the layout of your Portfolio. It is very clean and orderly. I honestly wish Teresa and I had decided to use an outside Wiki for this project, as we will be continuing to work on our portfolio after the class ends, ending with a presentation for MFRI’s Director, and others. We are looking to transfer our content to an outside Wiki. WordPress seems very clean, straightforward, and easy to navigate.

    You really got down and dirty with the Root Causes for your problem. It is pretty amazing how you can really draw out a number of issues when you sit down and talk to personnel from a given organization, as you did with Ms. Huey. I found that the Root Cause Analysis was very eye opening, and completely WORTH IT. It sets the mark as to what direction you must go in. In this part of the assignment, we found many Structure and Process causes at MFRI, and it seems that you did, as well, with the Glen Burnie High School Alumni Wall of Honor Committee. While our focus for this assignment has been on the Knowledge and Information aspects, clearly, we all know that the Structure and Process of a given organization must be addressed as well. One key issue that you found here is the lack of a mission statement. Another important aspect that you found was the lack of criteria for potential inductees. These are important for the guidance of the committee.

    I like the revised Problem Statement that you posted in the Training Needs Analysis
    The Glen Burnie High School Alumni Wall of Honor Committee lacks public awareness, resulting in a small pool of nominations.

    I LOVE the idea of social media training so that this program can be publicized to its fullest extent. Social media plays a key role in the success of organizations today, and knowing how to maximize the use of these tools can really make or break a program or organization. The other modules will fall into place after that.

    This seems like a pretty well put together plan. I hope that they go forward with it!


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