EDUC 603: Performance Gap Analysis


A local high school Alumni Wall of Honor Committee is a committee that was established in 2007 to recognize outstanding alumni of the High School. The committee is made up of 8-12 members including alumni of the High School, school personnel, and community members.

Background Information:

It is the responsibility of the committee to once a year evaluate nominations of candidates for the Alumni Wall of Honor, and to organize and oversee the induction ceremony that takes place each fall. The committee is also responsible for planning activities to showcase the inductees to the student body. This has been done by introducing the inductees at the homecoming football game, and by having an inductee panel discussion for students the day after the induction ceremony.


There is a non-voting liason who is a teacher between the High School and the High School Alumni Wall of Honor Committee, who I have been in contact with via face-to-face interactions, e-mail exchanges, and phone calls. She shared her concerns with me regarding the number of nominations that are currently being received, and that due to the dwindling number of nominees, no real criteria has ever been set for inductees. She stated there is no way to weight nominees from year to year to maintain consistency. She also stated that there have been approximately 400 graduates from Glen Burnie High School each year since 1963, which means there are approximately 25,000 alumni who could be nominated. The only real criteria set at this time is that nominations must have graduated from the high school at least 10 years ago.

Problem Statement:

The High School Alumni Wall of Honor Committee does not receive a good pool of nominations for the Alumni Wall of Honor, resulting in inconsistent criteria for inductees.

Current State:

.005% of the High School Graduates are being nominated for the High School Alumni Wall of Honor.

Future State:

2% of the High School Graduates are being nominated for the  High School Alumni Wall of Honor.


A 1.995% increase of the High School Graduates are being nominated for the High Alumni School Wall of Honor.

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