Getting the Best out of Google

In the spring semester of 2017, I took EDUC 683 to finish my instructional technology certification.  I began working on a project with three other classmates, and we decided to design and develop an eLearning module on “Getting the Best out of Google.” We decided that many Google users may know there are applications out there, but that they do not know how to use them to collaborate on a team, a skill that is important in today’s business world.

We began the semester by identifying the skills each of us possessed to determine which roles were best for us to take on. I became the assistant project manager as a result of my organizational skills, and I also took on the role of lead developer/programmer and narrator for the training. I found that this project was very rewarding. It was the first time I truly worked with other instructional designers on a project of this scope and took on a project management role. We organized weekly meetings via Google Hangouts and dealt out tasks for each teammate to work on throughout the week. We utilized the applications our modules discussed such as Google Communities and Google Drive to keep us on task. Most tasks we were able to complete before the deadline.

Below you will find various documents that demonstrate my project management skills, instructional design skills, and my ability to collaborate well within a team.

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