Performance Matters

In Anne Arundel County, schools use Performance Matters as an assessment data management system. On June 30, 2017, one of the primary applications that faculty members used to acquire various data points on students will be discontinued, and Unify will be left in its place. It was noted by administration that faculty members were not fully aware of the capabilities of Performance Matters, and that the application was often not used the way it was intended.

I decided to complete a front-end analysis to determine what problems there were regarding Performance Matters, and to develop solutions to those problems. I researched the applications, interviewed an instructional data administrator, surveyed faculty members, and lead focus groups to acquire as much information possible to analyze. I found it interesting to analyze the data I acquired, especially given my mathematics background. It was interesting to me that not all data aligned, and that further investigation would be necessary though out of the scope of the project.

Below you will find my final report for this project.