High School Mathematics Teacher

As many teachers experience, I experienced growing pains in my first year of teaching. I struggled with classroom management, and I allowed my students to walk all over me.

Now the students are the reason I continue to teach. I have a knack for building a rapport with my students, and creating a welcoming and engaging learning environment.

In the 2015-2016 school year, I created a ‘Harry Potter’ classroom. I took the concept of one of my favorite things, and developed a unique classroom environment for my students. Please see more about it here.

I frequently create video lessons of my notes for my students to view on YouTube. Not only are they beneficial for my students to go back and re-watch, they are helpful for students who were absent, or if I am out of the building. Please view some examples here.

One truly rewarding experience I have had working in a public school is managing the high school Tech Crew. In my second year of teaching, I took on the position of Tech Crew Director. While the position was much more taxing than I was lead to believe, I was given the opportunity to meet some great students, learn more about stage lights and sound, and take part of nearly every activity in the auditorium.