Instructional Systems Development

While teaching high school, I decided that something was missing. I began searching for the topic of my Master’s degree program by inquiring on social media what I may be good at. Soon a friend of a friend commented that they were an instructional designer for a wireless cellphone company, and I soon became intrigued. I researched the field, and still didn’t fully understand what an Instructional Designer did, but I felt in my gut that it was the right field for me.

Two years later, I am finishing my Master’s degree in the program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Though I still get blank stares when I respond to questions like, “What does an Instructional Designer do?” I can state that I analyze¬†a performance problem for a client, and determine potential solutions to their problem. If training is a solution, I get to help design and develop training for the client.

What I love most about Instructional Design, is the fact that I don’t have to settle for one job. I can analyze information in the health care field, design and develop an e-learning module for the government, implement a training in instructional technology for high school faculty, and in each field I can evaluate the training. I found that I love designing and developing web-based training solutions, and I have used Adobe Captivate 9 to do so.

I believe the work samples I have selected showcase my talents in the instructional design field. I have a passion for creating web-based training modules, creating learner-centered lesson plans, and it is important to me to create detail-oriented documents that are professional and well-organized.

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