Wall of Honor Committee

The XYZ High School Wall of Honor Committee is a small committee made up of about 10 individuals who review nominations for the Wall of Honor and host a ceremony to honor those who will be placed on the wall. The Wall of Honor seeks to highlight graduate of XYZ High School who are upstanding members of society to encourage current XYZ High School students to strive for greatness. This Committee was struggling with acquiring new members and also acquiring nominations for the wall of honor.

I conducted a Performance Gap Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Front End Analysis, and Training Needs Analysis for the XYZ Wall of Honor Committee. After determining a knowledge gap, I also developed a design plan and evaluation instruments.

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While this was initially for a class assignment, I have continued to act as a member on the Wall of Honor Committee, aiding in acquiring members and nominations by updating the website, social media, and creating informational brochures to hand out at high school events and within the community.

The job aid linked below includes helpful tidbits of information in creating the analysis, design plan, and evaluation instruments mentioned above as well as the actual analysis I conducted, and the design plan and evaluation instruments I created.

EDUC603 Job Aid Fall 2015 A Smith