I am often described as the “Harry Potter girl” by colleagues, students, and family.  Most who know me also know I love all things Disney and Superheroes. There is just something about magic and hope that speaks to my soul.

In my free time (not that I really know what that is), I enjoy playing board games, video games, and reading. I also love watching movies and television programs, and I remember my time working at Blockbuster video for five years fondly. One day I’d like to write and publish my own novel.

I am a hard worker who often takes on too much, but will do anything I can for students and colleagues. I am a perfectionist who pays close attention to detail.

I describe myself as compassionate, creative, collaborative, hardworking, and a lifelong learner.

I love to be creative, and I can spend hours on a computer just doing research on topics to maintain authenticity. I enjoy collaborating with others, but I also enjoy working independently. I take pride in my work and what I create, and I am eager to learn more and to get better at what I do.

It is extremely important to me that what I do helps others, and affects people positively.